anonymous communique:

"10-05-2009, 03.15am
SC Novartis, Saint Louis, France
<private sports facility for Novartis workers>

We are writing to explain the incendiary action on the clubhouse at SC Novartis (St. Louis) - as reported by regional news two days later - that stands in the shadows of Novartis HQ, Basel. The strike was carried out as an attack on the leisure time of the Novartis murderers. While they exercise, playing tennis and other sports, there are animals in cages that have not even the space to walk. As they check their noticeboards (thanks for all the addresses!) and walk round their clubhouse they will come face to face with our painted disagreements and suggestions.

We didn't expect a large fire on the Franco-Suisse border to go unnoticed - or we would have burnt that building to the ground - but we wish to make it abundantly clear that we will be at your workplaces, at your homes, affecting your leisuretime and attacking you wherever we will find you. We are only beginning to show you what we are capable of, the lengths we are willing to go to. Our demands are simple and you know what they are. It's your move.

We're fucking coming for you Novartis...

Militant Forces Against HLS"