received anonymously:

"On the dawn of 17 May huge flame lightened the territory of Lianozovsky on
the north-east of Moscow. The horsebox belonging to equestrian center of
Specialized Children and Youth Sports School of the Olympic Reserve
«Matador» was burned. The fire of vengeance was set by activists of Animal
Liberation Front.

This action took place on the day of the beginning of the equestrian
center contests and became the first and the last warning to the senior
handler of «Matador» Sergey Nikulin.

17-18 May there will be contests here, in which the horses of «Matador»
will mainly participate. The contests always bring big money to the pocket
of Sergey Nikulin, because people pay not only the entrance fees, but also
visit the center to train a month before the contests. Every participant
spends hundreds of thousands of rubles.

Everyone benefits from this situation except for horses, because handlers
and riders put them through the wringer. Main goal of the «Matador» owners
is to make as much money as possible, and they are not interested in the
future of the horses, as they bring much more profit to Nikulin, than they

Few words about the senior handler Sergey Nikulin. This person abuses
horses for many years, cripples them, uses only as a tool of gaining
money. Any love to animals is out of the question. Furthermore this person
has obvious mental abnormalities, that prevent him from working with
animals. Everyone can assure in these words by watching this video of
common training in the center:

In other words the horses of «Matador» became the hostages of human greed
and apathy. And almost no one sees the horror of what happens behind the
doors of the shed that houses 28 horses. No one looks into the eyes of
these animals, that suffer of hunger and pain.

No one knows how do they live in their prison wards, where they can only
stand at attention whole day long without any possibilty to move or turn
or lay down. Most of them have flanks rubbed sore in attemps to move
somehow in their cages, which more suit for big dogs.

These horses never walk, they come out only to give a ride to happy people
on their wounded backs with saddles that do not fit to their sizes. They
endure pain in their legs, backs and ripped mouths because otherwise they
will be beaten up and punished by deprivation of food which they get just
a little bit normally. Not long ago the pony was beaten up because he
dropped a two year old child (!).

In wild nature horses waste on food about 16 to 19 hours a day, constantly
moving. In «Matador» they are fed with a miserable quantities of hay in
the morning and in the evening and oat for lunch. On weekends they do not
have a lunch because there are so many comers for a ride. But who sees the
terrible emaciation and open wounds on the backs of these prisoners under
the coloured housing cloths and shiny saddles? Even if someone notices
them, handler will say that everything is okay, that horses just have this
kind of body structure — a sport one.

Look into any cage of these horses or pony in this equestrian center. They
have a dirty mess on the floor instead of dry cuttings. You won't see any
hay there and understand how cramped these animals feel themselves.

Imagine, what will happen if fire occurs? And fire will certainly occur
one day taking into account this pile of cuttings and hay stored directly
near the walls of the stable. In case of fire all these horses will burn
alive because it will be impossible to take them out of such narrow
Look into the eyes of these weariful and exhausted horses, who stand for
hours saddled in their tiny rooms waiting for clients and you will
understand everything.

>From our part we make everything possible to stop this animal abuse. This
equestrian center violates all the standards of management of horses.
We have nothing to add except that while beating up horses Sergey Nikulin
often hits a rider. Children keep silent because they want to be with
horses at any price.

We will no longer tolerate the abuse of animal oppressors under the
guidance of Nikulin. Today we have burned only a horsebox, but it was just
a warning. We say hello to Nikulin and claim that if he and his team won't
stop doing any activity connected with animals, then next time it won't be
a car that will burn. If all the horses won't be sold and Nikulin won't
stop his cruel activity by the end of the year, then we will do everything
to stop animal suffering, and physical violence towards one person will
let dozens of other living beings sigh with relief.

Animal Liberation Front Russia"