Received anonymously by the ALF-SG in Sweden:


A hen farm outside Herrljunga, Sweden, had a visit on the morning of may 12, and got some of the hate we will towards animal abusers. All windows were smashed, all locks were glued, slogans were sprayed on the front and a smelling liquid was thrown inside.

There was no risk that any animals would be hurt, because the building was ampty. It could have been new built, or they might have been cleaning it out.

The hens that would have lived in this building would have been called free ranged and their eggs would have been bought by so called friends of the animals. But it is not friendly to the animals to support industrial egg production, and for hens to be packed on dirty floors instead of cages and it does not change the facts that their brothers and sisters are killed when born. Egg is still murder.

No compromise - DBF"