Reports received anonymously by the ALF SG in Sweden:

"April 20 - Ronneby: A leather shop has windows smashed and paint bombs throwed inside. The owner claim the danmages is over 100,000 SEK. (£ 8,000)

April 21 - Falun: Locks glued at fur shop

April 22 - Falun: Locks glued at fur shop

April 22: Circus Mustang has ALL posters taken down and destroyed. - DBF

April 26 - Smalandsstenar: Circus posters destroyed.

April 26 - Smaland: Hunting platsforms destroyed

April 26 - Skultuna: Circus posters destroyed

April 26 - Stockholm: Vivisector Gunnel Biberfelt at SMI primate torture lab has her house repainted with slogans by ALF-activists. - DBF

April 27 - Ronneby: The same leather shop as attacked on april 20th is attacked by the ALF. A small hole is still in the window and paint was poured into the hole. - DBF

May 2 - Stockholm: 2 fur shops has locks glued.

May 2 - Stockholm: Circus posters destroyed.

May 2 - Stockholm: During the night we made a home visit to Sweden's newest scum, Erik Gernandt. Erik is, from the 27th of April, Sweden's first and only bullfighter and this bloody hobby will cost him dearly. His home in Östermalm had several walls repainted with slogans like "Bullabuser" and "Erik Gernandt tortures bulls". This was only the begining to the resistance
against the former police officer. More to come... - DBF

May 3 - Stockholm: 9 fur shops attacked by a group called "Fur animals friends". Locks were glued at all of them and a bell destroyed at one.

May 3 - Stockholm: A turkey meat shop has 3 locks glued at doors. Every year this company kills 135,000 turkeys in Sweden.

May 8 - Stockholm: Locks glued at 5 fur shops. Circus posters destroyed."