received anonymously:

"The campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences stepped up its game last week when activists made a visit to supplier David Parsooth. Mr Parsooth of Parallabs has been helping HLS by supplying them lab equipment. Unfortunately for him, it turned out that his business address was also his home address.

We wanted to remind David of the animals dying inside HLS and that he was playing a part in their torture and murder, so, while one activist sprayed 'David Parsooth - Puppy Killer' in his neighbourhood, the others concentrated more on his house and car.

'Shame on you David' and 'Drop HLS' were sprayed on his walls, door and car and 'Puppy Killer' written in his driveway with an arrow pointed towards his door. The hose pipe attached to his garden wall was put through the letterbox in the front door.

David, you know what the right decision to make is - drop HLS and help save those animals, if not for the animals, but for your own sake. As the graffiti stated David 'this is just the start.'