reported anonymously:

"UK, April 2009.

A dark night in April saw several people descend onto a south-western animal breeding farm. At the back of this farm, piles of dead lambs bodies were rotting, and mothers lay in narrow pens, raped and impregnated. One female sheep was tied around her face onto the bars in front of her, forcing her to stand and not being able to move more than a few inches.

Several lambs had been taken from their mothers and kept in a metal pen ready for the fate man decided for them. We decided to change their fate that night. Instead of feeling the cold hands of the farmer, they felt us lift them to liberation. After taking these beautiful lambs to safety, we disappeared back into the night. We also released a wild bird from the farm that had been caught in a trap.

Some of the lambs were playing and cuddling with us on our journey, sitting in our laps while we stroked and held them. For the first time since their mothers were taken away, they could feel love and compassion. We had given back to them what greedy humans had so desperately tried to take: their lives.

Love and liberation,
A.L.F x"