anonymous communique:

"Before visiting the scum of the Novartis headquarters in Basel, Switzerland we went out to a deer farm and cut the fences and opened a big gate so the deer could escape in freedom. These deer could run into freedom, but the animals inside HLS can't. They need all of us to close the hell hole. We will take them straight on.

At around 3am after waiting for Ann Bailey, head of corporate communications of Novartis AG, to finish with her guests we slipped around her house and we painstripped her car and slashed her tyres.

Ann Bailey
Ruchholzstrasse 33B, Bottmingen

Dr. Erwin Schillinger, director at Novartis AG was next. We poured paintstripper and spraypainted on his car.

Erwin Schillinger
Hochlettenstrasse 10, Oberwil

Next scumbag of Novartis AG who had to pay was Michael Pluess. He got the front of his house spraypainted saying 'Novartis SCUM, Drop HLS'. Afterwards we paintstripped the 2 cars in front of his house and slashed some tyres.

Michael Pluess
Muhleweg 19, Therwil

The last murdering scumbag of Novartis AG we visited this night was Giacomo Di Nepi, Head of Transplantation. We walked up the path leading to the house and covered the big white house in slogans.
Better take the message on your wall saying 'Novartis scum Drop HLS, we are watching you ALF' serious. We hid a electronic explosive device somewhere within your property/garden. Better be carefull where you walk.
Lives of animals are being teared apart inside HLS, murderers like you won't get away with it.

Giacomo Di Nepi*

The fight continues, we will take every opportunity to bring fear into the lives of the murdering scum of Novartis workers, just like the animals feel fear inside the labs of HLS. Try and stop us Novartis, you can only stop us by stop using Huntingdon Life Sciences."

*Giacomo Di Nepi no longer works for Novartis.