anonymous communique:

"On the night of Friday 4th May, the Animal Liberation Front paid a
visit to the Bowland Wild Boar Park in the Forest of Bowland,
Lancashire. Over the next few hours the activist cut through
numerous high tension and electric fences to give up to 50 boars
the chance to go free. Fences to nearby woods were also cut and
food laid down to encourage the boars to leave.

The activists then went on to cut open the pens imprisoning other
wild animals, including deer and goats. The horribly small cages of
a snowy owl and an European Eagle owl were also cut open to give
these magnificent birds the chance to flee.

This is our message to owners Jackie and Bill Bailey - we hope we
ruined your bank holiday weekend and that you lost lots of money.
We hope the animals are still free. If you insist on imprisoning
wild animals and serving them up for your guests then we will keep
coming back until you get the point that wild animals belong in the
wild, and are not creatures to be abused.

Please do not bullshit us with nonsense about how much you care for
your animals. We saw the size of the cages and that you sell boar
meat in your cafe. People who care for animals dont kill them for

Bill & Jackie Bailey
Bowland Wild Boar Park
Lower Greystoneley Farm
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Tel: 01995 61554 / 61616

The A.L.F. are everywhere!"