reported anonymously (click here for photos):

"35 broken windows, 11 glue/padlock locking, more than 50 spray paintings of meat and fur shops, and other animal murderers were attacked, from september 2006 till may 2007. Most of them in centre of Lodz City (Poland), some in other quarters, and small cities near Lodz. We use everything that is hard enough to break window, block the entrance or to say the word to murderers and supporters (meat eaters). Stop killing animals!!!

FUTRA = FURriery
MIESO TO MORDERSTWO = meat is murder
MORDERCY ZWIERZAT = animal murderers
NIE KUPUJ MIESA = do not buy meat
"KAWIKS" = big company which kills animals for meat and other, they have got many shops in poland

We do not want bigger cages or killing animals in "better" way. We want animal liberation now!

Animal Liberation Front Poland
Front Wyzwolenia Zwierzat Polska"