reported anonymously:

"The Animal Liberation Front delivered fake bombs on Thursday, April 23rd 2009, at 1901 Avenue of the Stars, in Century City, California; one in the men's lavatory on the 15th floor and two others in well hidden places in the building. Then we phoned the security desk of the building at 310 553-5500, the property management company Douglas Emmett at 310 255-7777 and the main number of the law offices of Jim and Eric Lund at 310 286-7485.

Abraham Wagner subleases office space in suite #1555 from Jim and Eric Lund. Wagner is also married to primate vivisector Edythe London, who addicts primates to crystal methamphetamines and nicotine. Next time, Abe, the bombs won't be fake and will be placed strategically when and where you least expect them.

Our suggestion to Eric and Jim Lund is to expel Wagner from your office. Do you really want to sublease space to a man who is married to a murdering scumbag such as Edythe London?

And to the FBI who recently put freedom fighter Andreas San Diego on their top ten list of domestic terrorists, your stupidity and lunacy is over the top. Andreas isn't a domestic terrorist. Vivisectors like London and others who terrorize, torture, abuse and kill innocent primates are the real terrorists. They're on our top ten domestic terrorist list, so go fuck yourself FBI.

This action was done in solidarity with World Week for Laboratory animals.
Stay safe, go underground.

*According to media reports, several floors of the office tower were evacuated by police after the hoax bomb was discovered.