From a Norweigan newspaper:

"Animal lovers behind Sabotage

Dyrenes FrigjøringsFront (ALF) has claimed responsibilty for the sabotage actions against two fur farm feed suppliers on the night to sunday. There was damages for millions of Norweigan kronor.

Dyrenes FrigjøringsFront writes in an e-mail to a newspaper that they are behind the actions in Nissedal and Hamar.

The animal lovers say that they had placed a big amount of incendiary devices under the lorries and other places inside the factorys. They say they carry out the actions beacuse "these factorys play a big part in the Norweigan fur trade assault on animals, and because of that they are a strategic goal in the struggle against the Norweigan fur trade".

At the factory in Nissedal a total of 5 lorries, 2 boats and another vehicle was destroyed by the fire and damages for 2-3 millions were made there.

Also at Hamar Pelsdyrfôr in Hamar there was big damage caused by the arson attack."