anonymous communique:

"A night time visit was made to a HLS collaborator in Essex. Rodney Higginbotham of HLS supplier Thermo Electron had 2 cars were covered in paint stripper and the tyres popped at his home at Ashcroft, 300 Nine Ashes Road, Ingatestone, Essex CM4 0LB. Everyone should know by now that it doesn't make sense to do business with puppy killers. Those who don't learn quick enough obviously need a shunt in the right direction. If you think you can drive around in fancy cars paid with blood money, think again.

Why not give Rodney a call on his mobile 07747 047 544 and ask him when Thermo Electron are going to stop doing business with HLS. Stop or be stopped Thermo.

ALF ATTACK UNIT - fighting for an independent enquiry into vivisection and the closure of Huntingdon Life Sciences"