Received anonymously by US activists:

"March 27, 2003 San Diego, California

Late Thursday night we paid a visit to the home of Claire MacDonald (6324 Lake Lomond Drive, San Diego, CA, 92119), employee/ representative of Huntingdon Life Sciences. We went to work redecorating the property with gallons of red paint and the words "HLS SCUM" across the garage door. The car in the driveway had a gallon of paint dumped all over it and the sidewall of three tires were punctured.

A message to Claire:
You can install all of the motion sensor lights in the world and it won't make a difference. You've been marked. We've been watching you and Kevin following your trip overseas last April 19th. We've been in your house while in San Francisco. We've "bumped" into you at Costco. You've given us the time while in line at Bank of America. We've been watching your house. We've been watching you and your family. You've provided us with a wealth of information and amusement. But the fun can only last for so long. In consideration of Kevin being out of town so often, think of your family's security as your windows could be put through tomorrow night. We won't forget the animals you've helped murder at Huntingdon. Until you quit or until HLS closes, we're bringing your work home for you.

-A.L.F. "