Received anonymously in Spain and roughly translated:

"The night of tuesday 14th to wednesday 15th of january of this new year (2003) at 3:00, our ALF-ELF cell atacked with incendiary devices a mink farm in Lubia, a small town of soria (spain).

The farm was composed by two different areas separated with a distance of about 250meters. Each part was provided with his own security mesasures. Both of them had a wire fence of about 2 meters height with a barb wire on the top, and a wall of concrete bricks of about 1,5 m height in the interior part, separated with the fence with a distance of another 1,5m aprox. The farm house was in front of one of the two areas, but between the area and the house was a narrow way, and it was built in the middle of a garden with two mastines del pirineo (big dogs). The other area whas farer to the house but it had between the fence and the wall at least 5 mastines del pirineo and 2 pastores alemanes.

The first atack that we did to the farm was at the end of 2002. We decided to go to the area wich didnt had dogs because we didnt wanted to drug them, even though the risk was bigger because the house was closer. We parked the vehicle in a copse two kilometes away the farm because we didnt wanted to be
detected by a Guardia Civil patrol (spanish rural police). Because we couldnt throw down the brick wall, we wanted to get out the most number of minks by puting them in canvas bags (one in each bag) and emptiyng them between the wall and the fence, were they could go to a near wood. We opened some holes in the fence with hand bolt cutters and we get in. But once we were in we saw the sheds empty. We understood what hapened, our brothers and sisters were already murdered and the cages would be soon full of pain, deseperation and sadness if we didnt do anything. We thought that the breeding minks were in the other part of the farm watched by his/her brothers and sisters dogs who didnt understood what they were doing.

Of course we returned some weeks later with a new plan. There was no wall, no fence or security strong enought to stop our determination of ending with any agresion to the earth or to the life. We also wanted to show the farmers that any attempt to difficult our work was going to turn against them, and to do this we could only think in one thing ¡FIRE!

Our second visit was a success since the beggining. wen we were getting closer we saw a group of hinds and deers gracing pacefully in the fields near the farm. We parked the vehicle in the same place than the first time and we went to Austwitch with four carafes of kerosene. We were a small number of us and we didnt use any look out because we knew that everything was going to be easy and quickly. To get inside we used the same holes that
we made the first time, we jumped-climbed(dont know the translation) the wall and we marked on it the exit holes with branches for posible problems. We ignite the incendiary devices and we took some photos (you can see them in In less than 5 minutes we were out of the farm, in this short period of time we learned that the one who soak the sponges with fuel musnt ignite the candle (se picture of the glove burning) Wen we were returning to the vehicle we saw an intense light behind us with a black cloud of smoke wich went from the farm to about 100m height and wich coul be seen some miles away (the moon whas near to be ful). Obviusly one device
whent on too early. Knowing what will await us if we were catched we started to run and we get into the copse in a record mark. We swithed on the engine and we dissapeared in the way that goes from Soria to Madrid.. In the road we drunk some tea that we have had prepared and puted in a special bottle to keep the hot temperature. We were all smiling, everithing was gone OK.

On the 22th of may 2002, 13 palestinians who were resisting the atacks of the israelian fascist army in Belens basilica were deported to Europe. Three of them were send to Spain. Here the ministry of Interior (the most represive of them because they order the police) decided to isolate this "dangerous terrorists" in a small town were they where forbidden to go out of a gobberment house, Lubia (the same place where we did the action). To let the people know that the spanish goberment was using the same methods of humiliation and harassment than Sharons goberment, the three palestinians did some protests and hunger strikes.

We want to dedicate this action to the palestinian people (not the
palestinian state) and to Barry Horne.. We dont forget you.

¡Where you cant liberate you can fire!"