Press release from the Bye Bye Meat Industry Support Group:

"Bye Bye Meat Industry activist Pelle Strindlund released today

March 24th, 2003

After half a year behind bars, Pelle Strindlund is today released from Swedish prison. Mr Strindlund was convicted for unarming machines used daily for killing thousands of animals at a slaughterhouse in the Swedish town Skövde. The action was taken by the three members of the group 'Bye Bye Meat Industry' in order to draw attention to the meat industry and to the industrial conditions under which animals are slaughtered.

The two members, Ida-Lovisa Rudolfsson and Fredric Carlsson-Andersson, were sentenced to complete a total of 140 hours of community service. Pelle Strindlund, 31, was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment due to previous convictions for other animal rights related actions.

Pelle Strindlund has no regrets for taking action despite his, under Swedish circumstances, hard sentence:

- I am proud of what 'Bye Bye Meat Industry' did and I hope that it will inspire other people to take action against the uncivilised slaughter industry that is barbaric and unnecessary in this modern time.

Animal lovers from all over the world has shown their support of Pelle Strindlund by writing letters, sending books and flowers. This has made prison life much easier to bear.

- Reading your letters has been one of the high lights of the day, Pelle says.

Pelle Strindlund will take up his work in The Liberation Service (the network that Bye Bye Meat Industry is part of) as soon as he is released. Tomorrow, animal rights activists in Gothenburg are arranging a "release party" för Strindlund.

Pelle Strindlund can be contacted on his cell phone:
+46-73-758 44 92
[email protected]


Greetings from Pelle to the animal rights movement:

Let me seize the opportunity to thank all of you who have sent letters, post cards, books, money, flowers and in other ways supported me and given me a thought.

Of course I look forward to being released, even though I in no way have felt uncomfortable here. It has been a productive time full of experiences, characterized by reading, studying and exercising - things that I like. Your consideration has also contribruted to my wellbeing.

Once again, thank you!

Pelle Strindlund

New adress: Sandeslatt 60, SE-424 36 Angered, Sweden. Phone: +46-(0)31-330 67 11."