anonymous communique:

"This is a warning to Glaxo scum; we know where you are and we're going to be paying you a visit soon. You will have to live with that in the back of your minds until you stop dealing with the sick perverts at Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Tonight's visit was to a really disgusting pathetic excuse for a person, Dr Malcolm Skingle, he has blood all over his hands. He lives at 8 Pryors Close, Bishops Stortford, Herts CM23 5JX. We got busy with his car, stripped that paint right off. Then we sprayed some factual slogans like, ALF, ANIMAL KILLER and SCUM. Sums up Malcolm a treat! Before leaving we thought we'd take his tyres out - this is a lesson to you Malcolm and all your weirdo mates at Glaxo, have you told them their turn is coming?! - and it will, because you still continue to do business with HLS puppy killers. If you want this to stop Glaxo you know what you've got to do.

Next up was Glaxo 'scientist' Dr Gregory Jonas, who lives at 23 Shrub End Road, Colchester, Essex CO3 3UB. This person is also one of those perverts that deal with HLS. We all know what happens to slimy filth like that... yeah, the ALF come round and sort you out. We sprayed messages all over the house to cause embarrassment. That may take some explaining to your neighbours and family - and so it should because you really do have a lot to answer to. You really should know better.

The government can bring out hundreds of new laws to try and stop us, but they make no difference. This will NEVER END until you stop dealing with Huntingdon Life Sciences and there is an independent enquiry into vivisection."