anonymous report:

"21 March Zoological Park (Parque Zoologico) of Barcelona have been
attacked by the Flying Apes Clan (FAC) activists with graffiti spray.
Action was conducted in support of 269life's 5th International Event
( and aimed at showing that
animal exploitation of any kind will never be tolerated by the
abolitionist movement worldwide.

The choice of Zoological Park is explained by the recent tragedy in
Copengagen Zoo, where giraffe called Marius was brutally killed and fed to
lions for the reasons of genetic selection. 21 March, on the International
Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination it was extremely
important to remind everyone that discrimination and exploitation of any
other human or animal race has nothing to do with the civilized society.
And that gaining of profit by using animals as entertainment tools will be
always punished anyhow. Even if a CCTV camera is pointed on the sacred
enterprise and another one looks from the inside!

Activists left for animal abusers graffities in Spanish 'We are all 269',
'Go Vegan!', 'No Zoos No Cry', 'Speciesism = Shit' etc. They also dirtied
the code/numbers door lock for the staff as nicely as they managed to.

Barcelona Zoo keeps more than about 2200 captives of more than 320 species."