In December 2013 and January 2014 two old trees were cut down in the city of Sabzevar. According to activists, "Unfortunately, by the time the news was shared, we could not do anything. We're still furious and to express our anger and concern for nature, on the first day of spring (Persian New Year) we took action." Click here for additional photos.

The activists explained that they are probably the first in Iran to act in the name of the Earth Liberation Front and anarchism. The activists issued this declaration (rough translation):

"Nature in the spring, instead of dead trees.

For many years nature and plants have been exploited for profit.
In December and January the last two trees in this place were cut down and in this way we show our anger at that action.

If you earn money, you destroy nature, we have no alternative
but to protect the planet Earth is the main reason for us to confront and fight.

We are against exploitation and will never compromise with the exploiters.

Angry little black fish!"


در بهار طبیعت جای درختان خالی

سالیان درازی است که طبیعت و گیاهان به خاطر سودهای مالی مورد بدرفتاری
قرار می‌گیرند در  آذر و دی گذشته دو درخت در این مکان قطع شده‌اند و ما
به این طریق خشم خود را نسبت به این عمل نشان می‌دهیم

اگر شما برای کسب پول ، طبیعت را تخریب می‌کنید ما هم چاره‌ای نداریم جز
اینکه برای حفاظت از سیاره زمین با دلیل اصلی  مسئله‌ مقابله و مبارزه

ما با بهره کشی مخالفیم و با استثمارگران هرگز سازش نمی‌کنیم

ماهی سیاه کوچولوی خشمگین !