reported by Igualdad Animal (click here for additional images):

"Activists from Igualdad Animal (Animal Equality) have rescued three chickens from a slaughterhouse in Madrid. We went into the slaughterhouse to install a hidden camera as part of a Spanish slaughterhouses investigation and then realized that there were three birds still alive inside, so we took them with us.

Sadly, two of the chickens died the day after the rescue. One of them was euthanized after we realize during his surgical operation how bad he was (he had two broken bones, a disjointed leg, several haematoma and some other problems related with his rapid growth and huge weight for his age) and another one died the following day (probably due to a lung infection he had). Another one, Allen [named after activist Gari Allen], has been subjected to surgery and he is recovering fine, taking sunbaths, eating grass and resting."