reported anonymously:

"On March 2, 2014, people gathered in Kadıkoy District of İstanbul to
protest against the changes in the Animal Protection Law proposed by the
government which includes the exploitation of stray animals as test
subjects and so on.

ALF activists who were among the crowd gathered in front of the Baskent
Petshop in Kadikoy, Istanbul where four rabbits condemned to live in very
poor conditions were rescued and emancipated.

These living beings who get transferred by luggages get murdered when
they're not sold and their cuteness is over.

This is also a call to direct action, and to ask for support from our
friends from the ALF, ELF, activists for the freedom of animals and
nature. We dedicate this action to all the species about to be ravaged in
the destructions of the Northern Forests of Istanbul.

We vehemently condemn the use of stray animals as test subject for science
and industry, just as we oppose the exile of strays to concentration
camps. And if necessary, we will respond violently!

If not now, when?
If not you, who?"