received anonymously (translation):

"On March 10, the state and Jaltenco municipal police in Mexico State found on the outskirts of a state police station a bomb with a metal band, cables, batteries and a clock; in order to look at it they fenced off the area believing that the bomb would explode at any moment; in the end they found that it was a false alarm, and that it was accompanied by a message:

'We will burn down the Judicial MP, soon the fire will be for you'

'Vengeance for the animals murdered on the 23rd'


The perpetrators of the animal massacre of February 23 are receiving their punishment, with intimidation, threats, paranoia, and fire."

*On February 23 in Jaltenco (Mexico State), a group of masked men broke into the property of a man who had provided temporary shelter to street dogs and cats and brutally killed many dogs and cats with machetes and pipes. The local police did nothing to stop the killing and instead prevented people from helping.

"El pasado 10 de Marzo, la policía estatal y municipal de Jaltenco en el Estado de México, encontraron a las afueras de una comisaria Estatal una bomba con cinta metálica, cables, pilas y un reloj, por lo que al ver esto cercaron la zona creyendo que la bomba explotaría en cualquier instante; al final la bomba se encontró que era falsa y que iba a acompañada de un mensaje:

'Incendiamos el M.P de la Judicial, pronto el fuego será para ustedes'

'Venganza a los animales asesinados el 23'


Los culpables de la matanza animal del 23 de febrero reciben su castigo, con intimidación, amenazas, paranoia y fuego."