Received anonymously by activists in the Netherlands:

"In the night of 29 to 30 June an arson occurred at a chicken slaughterhouse in Breukelen (Netherlands). There's damage on the backside of the slaughterhouse. It already didn't go well with this slaughterhouse because of the bird disease.

We can harm this sector really a lot. HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS. DON'T LET THE ANIMALS DOWN."

The largest part of the slaughterhouse is destroyed. The damage is at least a few million euro's. The last two weeks the company didn't kill chickens because of the bird disease and already had serious financial problems. (it isn't allowed to transport chickens. Over 30 million chickens has been gassed because of the disease since March. Most of the farms/slaughterhouses are empty now.) 85 people were not able to 'work' the last two weeks which cost a few million euros of lost income and extra costs.)

There was 3000 kilo ammoniac in the building but nobody got injured.