Received anonymously by activists in the USA:

"This e-mail is to inform you that at about 2:00 a.m. this morning, EST, the ALF has spraypainted, broken the windows of, and was destructive toward the drive-thru area of the McDonald's establishment on Route 46 in Rockaway, New Jersey.

McDonald's spends billions of dollars to convey its image as a fun, colorful, friendly place for kids to eat and play, and even once had Ronald McDonald state in a commercial that "hamburgers grow on hamburger trees and love to be eaten." The truth is that billions of sentient animals are pumped with antibiotics and slaughtered every year to satisfy people's lust for artery clogging flesh at the expense of animals' lives, the environment, and human health. McDonald's is nothing but a landmark of centralized, legalized mass murder. They have been targeted because of their prevalent connection to the meat industry.
Love and Liberation,