Received anonymously by the ALF SG - Sweden:

"Vivisectors houses spray-painted!

In May and June, 3 vivisectors have been attacked by the Swedish ALF. One of them even got the exclusive honour to be visited twice!

On may 29, the ALF visited the new house of Ingrid Stromberg (Sjofruvagen.43, Umea, Sweden) and left it filled with spray-painted messages for her neighbours to know what she does for a living.

A few weeks later she was visited again and got the same treatment and then also vivisector Tor Ny, Villavagen 1, Umea, Sweden) got the same treatment to his house.

On June 22, cat vivisector Gunnar Sedin (Ekvagen 6a, Uppsala, Sweden)had his car and garage painted with slogans."