Received anonymously by aboveground groups:

"In the early morning hours of the 23rd of June, 2003 we visited Skip Boruchin's Edmond residence. Skip's company, Legacy Trading, is the last remaining market maker for LSRI, Huntingdon Life Sciences stock. In order to help Skip and his neighbors understand the severity of his actions we covered his home with red and black paint and slogan's denouncing his involvement with Huntingdon Life Sciences. We also cut his cable, DSL, and numerous phone lines to impede any work from home.

Skip along with his associates, and law enforcement would have the public believe that the ALF is a terrorist organization. If in fact we were, Skip, we would have smashed in your windows, but did not for fear you may have been sleeping behind one of them. We are not out to hurt you, only to end your contribution to the torture and murder of 180,000 animals each year.

In accordance with their same flawed argument federal authorities have convened fascist grand juries that undermine all of our basic civil liberties, and harass and intimidate above ground activists and those sympathetic to social justice causes. Most recently they have kidnapped Santa Cruz activist Lindsay Parme in an attempt to intimidate and extort information from the grassroots community.
We have responded to the ALF call to action set forth to leave HLS blueblack, until we get Lindsay back, and until all 70,000 HLS animal prisoners are free. We wish to forward the call to all cells nationwide.

Skip, this is just the beginning of our focus on you and it will continue until you join the laundry list of market makers who caved into the demands of the compassionate public. Charles Schwab, Paragon, Brokerage America, Merill Lynch, have all fled from doing business with HLS and soon you will too.

To the rest of the compassionate public,

Call, Fax, write Skip and tell him that making a market for HLS stock is accessory to murder.
Skip Boruchin
2516 Steeplechase Rd.
Edmond, OK, 73034
T: 405-341-6499 "whenever he gets his phone lines fixed"
F: 405-341-6493 "whenever he gets his phone lines fixed"
Skip at the Legacy Office
301 S. Bryant Ave.
Edmond, OK, 73034
T: 405-206-0554

Until they give Lindsay back...