Received anonymously by Australian activists:

"On the night of Sunday the 22nd of June, the ALF visited the premises of various businesses throughout Auckland, which profit from the misery and death of the innocent.

The ALF struck first at New Lynn, where The Steak House restaurant had its walls and windows redecorated with slogans such as "Meat is Murder" and "Blood On Your Hands".

Next on the list was the KFC across the road, where the drive-through was spray painted with the words "KFC Kills", "Chicken Murders" and "Innocent Blood" among other things.

The McDonalds in the same area did not escape the notice of the ALF. It's windows and drive-through area were spray painted with slogans such as "Stop Killing Cows", "McMurder", "Meat is Murder" and "Ronald Kills Cows".

The ALF then moved on from that area and happened to come across "The Meat Boss", which had it's locks glued and the words "Meat is Murder" written across it's entrance way.

Down the road from "The Meat Boss" was the ALF's next target, the Mt. Eden Burger King. The ALF redecorated the entire perimeter of this building with slogans such as "Murder King", "Stop Killing Animals", "Meat is Murder", "Blood On Your Hands" and "Stop Killing Cows".

The last stop for the ALF that night was the Mt. Eden KFC, which had last been targeted by ALF activists a few weeks ago. The ALF again covered the entire perimeter of this building, the drive-through being the main focus. "KFC Murder", "Chicken Killers", "Animal Liberation", and "Innocent Blood" were among the slogans which covered the building by the time the ALF had finished with it.

The Animal Liberation Front will continue actions such as these, worldwide, until the innocent creatures of this Earth are no longer subjected to a life and death which is the equivalent of Hell on Earth. The ALF will not stand by and take no action while the animals of this world are abused, tormented and persecuted and are silently suffering in pain and misery beyond description.