anonymous report, from Unoffensive Animal (click here for video from the action):

"In the darkness of the night, we broke into one of several sheds at Fovant Down Poultry Farm. As we entered, our eyes and noses stung from the ammonia and dust, and we were met with the grim sight of many thousands of young hens in rows of tiny cramped cages that stretched as far as we could see. The hens had nothing to stand on but thin wire above their stinking piles of shit, they could not stretch out their wings or escape their neighbours, and their food trays were soaked in dirty water.

All that suffering is so people can eat eggs.

After leaving messages on the walls, we liberated 8 comrades from this horror farm. They have been taken to a safe place where they have seen the sunshine for the first time, where they can run and stretch their wings and be free.

We hope this inspires others to get out and liberate as many animals as they can. Barns like these are easy to find - just grab a map and start scouting them out! You don’t need money, you don’t need high tech equipment, you just need passion and a plan.

We carried out this action on June 11th, international solidarity day for anarchist prisoners. It is dedicated to UPiii and in solidarity with all anarchist, animal liberation and earth liberation prisoners.

UPiii was arrested in the Hambacher Forest during a police eviction on March 19th. They have been held since without trial and are subject to severe repression, with visits and phone calls restricted and mail withheld and censored.