Received anonymously by above-ground groups around the US:

"In the late hours of June 5th, before hls torturers began another
round of inflicting pain and suffering, The Assistants visited hls
client Amec Earth & Environmental (at Commonwealth Business Center 11003 Bluegrass Parkway, Jeffersontown, intersection of Bluegrass Pkwy. and Watterson Trail).

Activists infiltrated a brightly lit parking lot, directly on the other side of a police officer supply store, and proceeded to spraypaint an official Amec truck, conveniently left in the lot. Its windshield, side windows and side door logos ("") were painted. "De Oppresso Liber" ("liberate the oppressed") was then painted on the walkway leading up to the office's main entrance.

Next, a bucket of red paint--symbolizing the blood of so many innocent animals murdered by hls- Amec--was splashed against the glass front door and poured over the front doorstep. Droplets of
"blood" led out to the parking lot. Just below the high-tech survelliance cameras, an electronic security keypad was glued, along with the door's manual bolt lock.

"500 Animals" was then painted on a parking lot median.

This action is only a preview of what's to come if Amec does not
completely sever itself from hls.

de Oppresso Liber!
--The Assistants"