Received anonymously by SHAC UK:

"Last night activists visited ACT TECH UK LTD, ROUND SPINNEY, NORTHAMPTON where two out of three sites had their gates padlocked. No doubt this caused disruption to two out of their three sites this morning not getting access in or out.

Act Tech are a subsidiary of Asahi Glass, a Japanese company who are a customer of the evil hell hole that is Huntingdon Life Sciences. Experiments carried out on their behalf involved testing HFC's on beagle dogs by strapping the dogs in slings and forcing them to inhale the chemicals
HLS has been exposed on a number of occasions - staff were filmed by channel Four punching beagle puppies in the face and it was with these images in mind that we went to visit two directors of Act Tech.

2 Asahi Glass directors in Kettering and Northampton had all their tyres let down on the cars parked on their respective driveways. Leaflets explaining who the monsters they choose to deal with are were left on their windscreens.

This is the start - you can finish it - a simple statement is all that's needed saying you no longer will be a customer of HLS and we will vanish into the night for good.