message received by Action For Animals magazine"

"ALF claims victory
Jenny Hoo Australia ceases using fur after a series of ALF actions at her Malvern Road, Glen Iris (Melbourne, Victoria) shop.

Mid May 2003
Anti fur slogans, including "Hoo's house of horrors" painted on the walls and footpath. Door locks glued.
May 26th 2003
Front display window smashed, and a note left under the shop door saying "Does this bother you?" (refering to a newspaper article in which Jenny Hoo says anti fur protests don't bother her).

May 27th 2003
Metal shutters installed over the damaged front windows giving the shop a dark and tawdry appearance
May 28th 2003
A brand new window was installed to replace the damaged one, plus a sign saying "Jenny Hoo Australia: does not support the wearing of fur, does not use fur
in the manufacture of their garments"

A fur vest that had been on display has been removed. We will keep an eye on Hoo to see she sticks to her promise.
The Animal Liberation Front - Australia"