message recieved anonymously by Auckland Animal Action:

"Overnight 1st June the ALF super glued locks at 20 fur sellers
throughout Auckland. We estimate the economic damage to these profiteers of animal torture to be in excess of $5000

The New Zealand Animal Liberation Front will continue in its fight against the fur industry until all fur is removed from shop shelves.


message anonymously recieved by AAA:

"On the morning of Friday the 30th of May we paid a visit to the home of Hartley Vincent, who owns Hartley stores which are selling clothing trimmed with rabbit fur imported from China.

10 litres of white paint was emptied over the huge flash gates of his house.

We also left a large "FUR KILLS' message so he will be totally aware of why he was targeted.

We will continue to target Hartley Vincent and all his stores untill he stops profiting from the murder of the innocent.