anonymous report, from 269 Israel (click here for more photos):

"On May 25th, anonymous 269Life activists released animals from the prison they were dying in. What is the difference between breaking in and release? What is the difference between crime and saving lives? Look at the pictures. And now imagine you were trapped, robbed of your freedom, separated from your family, left to die of hunger and thirst. Imagine yourself as an animal who is not considered neither a 'pet' nor a 'useful' animal but a 'pest', an animal whose killing is permitted, even desired. Imagine the moments of disabling terror, of pain and dying, when a figure arrives, and without demanding anything in return, without even knowing you, that figure tears for you an opening to freedom, to life. That figure that respects any animal, regardless of skin texture, whether a creature of fur or feathers, that figure that would not walk on past a wire-mesh trap unjustly holding sentient beings, the figure carrying a bolt cutter, always.
Every animal deserves justice, compassion and freedom. We are all 269.
In Israel crows are considered a pest. The authorities trap them and kill them by starvation, by shooting, by poison or by breaking their necks. Today an AR activist awarded several crows trapped in a starvation trap a second chance on life. We wish to thank those masked activists for what they did for the voiceless animals."