Received from the Holland ALF SG:

May 31 2003 - The Netherlands
The Dierenbevrijdingsfront informs in a press release that they have targetted J. Floor from the Seattle Fur Exchange. The name Floor is not an unknown name in the world of fur. They also used to run a furfarm in Houten (NL), which now luckily is closed down. The press release:

"In the night of May 21 2003 the Dierenbevrijdingsfront paid a visit to the J. Floor, Kasteeltuin 14, Houten. From his own residence he trades in mink and fox pelts for the Seattle Fur Exchange.

Two of the doors to his house were glued, the windows of his car were smashed, windows of his house were smashed with a slingshot. Remaining windows were decorated with slogans in etching fluid. This man has the blood of millions of animals on his hands, and that shall not pass by unnoticed.

Every year 2.8 million minks are killed for their fur coats. The majority of these are destined for export, and this is where the Seattle Fur exchange plays a large part.

J. Floor is only one of many that live off of the suffering of animals. But the Dierenbevrijdingsfront will never forget those names and they will take revenge for the animals. The Dierenbevrijdingsfront will be the conscience that these people so obviously are missing. Despite how good security they
install, they will never be safe against the wings of the
Dierenbevrijdingsfront.. The DBF will do everything to liberate as many animals as possible, and they will give them what they deserve.
The whole fur industry must be demolished!

Wim Verhagen, the leader of all these sick people (spokesperson for the Dutch Furfarmers Association). He is the biggest clown who is only spreading lies and contradicting himself constantly in interviews. And the people who actually believe his small speeches about "mink welfare" are perhaps even more pathetic.