anonymous communique:

"Last night, we glued shut the locks of Ralco Nutrition (W Main Street, downtown), Kentucky Fried Chicken (1109 East Main), and Chicken Connection (600 E Main) of Marshall, MN. The dollars and cents they will have to pay to fix what we've done is nothing compared to the abuse of non-human animals these targets support.

The practice of packing thousands upon thousands chickens into cages so small they cannot turn around (which all three targets profit from) has gone on for too long. Cutting of chickens' sensitive beaks without painkillers (to prevent them from pecking each other due to such tight packing), supported by Kentucky Fried Chicken, is unacceptable. The gross mistreatment of turkeys, cows, and pigs at slaughter--where they are killed by high voltage shocks or by slowly draining the blood out of slits in their necks--then dropped into vats of caustic chemicals while sometimes still conscious, that Ralco Nutrition profits from, must end.

They sell their 'feed' and their 'food', they collect their money, and the world keeps going. Out of sight, the animals they exploit suffer until they are killed, and no one does anything about it. We are doing something about it. By gluing the locks of these companies, we have taken a small action on the behalf of the animals who cannot defend themselves.

Marshall Animal Defense (M.A.D.)"