anonymous report:

"June 15, 2013 - Welland, Ontario, Canada - A lone ALF activist sabotaged trucks used to bring chickens to a slaughterhouse in broad daylight. The plan was to slash the tires on all of the trucks and slip away through the forested area behind the slaughterhouse, named Cami International Poultry. Truck tires are under high pressure and can explode if slashed, so first a screwdriver was used to compress the valves on the tires to lower the pressure before the sidewalls were punctured. While in the process of letting the air out, an employee pulled into the parking lot. Luckily, the activist's vehicle was parked far away from the slaughterhouse and he was able to slide under a truck and out of view. Letting air out of tires is quite noisy, so the activist had to stop to keep from being noticed by the employee. The tires that had been deflated had their sidewalls destroyed with an icepick, and the remaining trucks' license plates were covered in red paint to keep them from being driven. "Animal Liberation Front" was also spray painted on the cages of one of the trucks. The truck ride exposes the chickens to the elements and leaves them without any food or water, a final act of torture before having their necks slashed open and being dunked in hot water. This action will hopefully hamper the slaughterhouse's productivity, and cost them money for killing innocent animals. -ALF"