received anonymously (photos: gelderlander.nl, omroepgelderland.nl):

"In the morning of June the 15th the ALF went back to the
Wageningen university. For more than a year this university
has been warned about their meaningless experiments on
various animals and especially pigs (obesity research).

But the Wageningen university decided to do NOTHING
and even sent the police after us! We are trying to help you!

So we painted the messages:
Danger Bomb, Warning Bomb and Stay Away.
We also busted a window through which we supposedly gained
entrance to plant a bomb. But we didn't and took off.

At 7.00 am this message was discovered and the police was called.
They also called the Royal Army bomb squad.
The building was evacuated and sealed up.

Media first reported that a strange package was
found but later said nothing was found at all.
But before they noticed it was just a hoax it was around three
in the afternoon. This was very unfortunate because
the university has an international congress on Food
coming up tomorrow.

See how Annoying a bomb threat is? Now we ask of you:
Make some REAL changes for the animals before the end
of the month. Real changes not meaningless debates or commissions.
Not because we scared you into it, But because it's

We have better things to do than running around at night.