received anonymously:

"The web site was recently hacked by Anonymous and a
large quantity of personal data belonging to bullfight supporters was
taken. The site is operated by a company called Teyci which is one of
the main promoters of bullfights in Madrid, Spain. The web site is one
of the main methods used by people to purchase tickets for attending
bullfights there.

Teyci states the following on their web site.

'CUSTOMER DATA. guarantees the security and confidentiality of all data
provided to us. The data will not be used for anything beyond what is
necessary to provide information related to the bullfights for which you
have purchased the tickets.'

The truth is that the site was actually very insecure and gaining access
to the customer database was trivial. Customer data was not protected
with any care at all and so all those people who thought they could
support and engage in animal torture with impunity are now known to us.
We know who you are, which bullfight you attended and even how much you
paid for the ticket.

Included below is a small sample of some of the data that was taken from
the large database. All the people who have bought bullfighting tickets
through this company are now being contacted to inform them that they
will face consequences for their actions.

Bullfighting is nothing more than a relic of a savage past and it is
inevitable that it will one day be banned. Until then Anonymous is
committed to holding accountable those who promote or support this
atrocity in any way. Further news of our activities to disrupt this
industry will be made public in the near future.

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.
Expect us.

Samples of data.

Table: login

admin Cesar09

Table: afiliado

Abonos ESP isidroes [email protected]
andalucia espanol andalus03 [email protected]
banner andalucia spfvtrs003 [email protected]
beneficencia toro2002 [email protected]
Chiawen chitai01 [email protected]
codigobarras barras001 [email protected]
ENG Isidro prueba02 [email protected]
entofucon ingles entofeng [email protected]
espanol toro204 [email protected] eurad06 [email protected]
facebook stag001 [email protected]
frances adriana02 [email protected]
GoMadrid go2206 [email protected]
google 2017 prueba01 [email protected]
google semana santa andalus02 [email protected]
lycos espanol lycosesp [email protected]
malaga malaga01 [email protected]
Mastertoro Goo16 master99 [email protected]
nano aleman ideas001 [email protected]
Nano chino toro203 [email protected]

Table: comprador

Abad Yvonne Ailene [email protected]
Abbott John [email protected]
adfasdf sdfasfd [email protected]
Alex Ilin [email protected]
Alexey Iline [email protected]
ALJAMA VAZQUEZ PEDRO [email protected]
Alksnis Mr Uldis [email protected]
Armstrong Kristy [email protected]
Asadorian Raffi [email protected]
awad nora [email protected]
Badiale Nadia [email protected]
ball albert [email protected]
Ballantine Petrina [email protected]
barbara viti [email protected]
Bart Verdonck [email protected]
Baselga Jose [email protected]
bee hi [email protected]
Bemis Greg [email protected]
Benitez Gregorio [email protected]
BERERA SIMONE [email protected]
Bertolotti Angelo [email protected]
Besch Justine [email protected]
Birch Gary [email protected]
biscuso adriano [email protected]
Blanco José [email protected]
bottanelli ida [email protected]
Bravo Cuinas Ana [email protected]
Brawner Matt [email protected]
Brewer Laurel [email protected]
brignone franco [email protected]
Brown Jackie [email protected]
Bryantsev Grigoriy [email protected]
Bulnes Valdés Carolina [email protected]
Burchell Jamie [email protected]
c v [email protected]
Campbell Andrew [email protected]
Capriolo Nicola [email protected]
Cervellieri Maurizio [email protected]
cesar cesarcesar [email protected]
Chaddha Pooja [email protected]
Chaim Joseph Podrobinok [email protected]
Chin Brendon [email protected]
Christon Chris [email protected]
Christoph Buerki [email protected]
christophe milliet [email protected]
CLARK ANDREW [email protected]
Cline Ian [email protected]
Cohen Richard [email protected]
compton-griffith nicolas [email protected]
conde sanchez francisco [email protected]
cook jennifer [email protected]
Cooke Marissa [email protected]
Copeland Rachel [email protected]
cordoba cathleen [email protected]
cordoba cathleen [email protected]
Cormie Chris [email protected]
Couture Daniel [email protected]
Crimmins Cleo [email protected]
Crowe-Draexler Sheila [email protected]
Crowley Shirvalen [email protected]
Cuadrado Arderius Antonio [email protected]
Dam Dennis [email protected]
Davidson John [email protected]
Davison ERic [email protected]
dddddddddd qq [email protected]
df hygs [email protected]
Di Berardino Claudio [email protected]
Diaz Castro Jose Luis [email protected]
DIAZ GAONA ANTONIA MARÍA [email protected]
Do Tuan [email protected]
Dominguez Guillermo Ventura [email protected]
Dominguez Vegas Juan Antonio [email protected]
DOUGLAS BRIAN [email protected]
Dr. Reimer Hans-Hermann [email protected]
Dunnion David [email protected]
Ebihara Rie [email protected]
Ebihara Junko [email protected]
emanuela flesia [email protected]
Enviya Edmon [email protected]
ESCOBAR PASTOR JORGE [email protected]
Estrada George A. [email protected]
Euler Marques [email protected]
Fast Barbara Fast [email protected]
Feneley Rick and Donna [email protected]
Feoli Allan [email protected]
Ferenc Dr.Solti [email protected]
Fernandez Caula luis [email protected]
fernandez dominguez carolina [email protected]
fewtrell christopher [email protected]
Flytstrom Robert [email protected]
Frankie Nobels [email protected]
Friedman Michele [email protected]
Furlong Richard [email protected]
Fuszek Zoltan [email protected]
Gallagher Brendan James [email protected]
garcia fernandez victor [email protected]
garcia salcedo francisco [email protected]
gfgfd gfg [email protected]
Giam Louise [email protected]
gigi pino [email protected]
Gill Leonard [email protected]
gnocchi veronica [email protected]
Goldenberg Simon [email protected]
goldman fruma goldman [email protected]
Gonzalez Mariano A [email protected]
gonzalez ruiz maria jesus [email protected]
GOTO KINUYO [email protected]
Guignabodet Jean [email protected]
Hall Guy [email protected]
Han Seonho shhan[email protected]
Healy Paul [email protected]
Helen Beck [email protected]
Herbert Tiffany [email protected]
Herward Rehbein [email protected]
hfchd ngch [email protected]
hillfiger tommy [email protected]
Hitzler Philipp [email protected]
hjbin kjnkj [email protected]
HO KWONG HEI [email protected]
HODGINS JOHN [email protected]
Hojnacki Sean [email protected]
Holloway John Mark [email protected]
Holmes John [email protected]
Hornblow John [email protected]
Hughes Darren [email protected]
Huhtiniemi Risto [email protected]
Hurrell Sophie [email protected]
ibsen michael [email protected]
Inoue Tim [email protected]
Jenner Ranjna [email protected]
Jensen Johnny [email protected]
jguytg mjnb kjhiuyiuy [email protected]
Jigami Akira [email protected]
Jones Darrell [email protected]
Kaic Petra [email protected]
Kalish Scott [email protected]
Katrin Freiheit [email protected]
Katz Frank [email protected]
kenny gerard [email protected]
Koepsell Donald [email protected]
Krok Michael [email protected]
Lau Kin Ho [email protected]
Lee Rawdon [email protected]
Leonard Alexander [email protected]
Levin Ed [email protected]
Levitt Kevin [email protected]
lilti flo [email protected]
Linfield Caroline [email protected]
lo bello giuseppe [email protected]
lopez mata jesus manuel [email protected]
Louw Johannes [email protected]
Lowe James [email protected]
lozano cobos rafael [email protected]
lucas adam [email protected]
MacFife Rebecca [email protected]
machuca garcia fracisco [email protected]
MACIAS YSIDRO [email protected]
Mahoney William Mahoney [email protected]
Mancuso Karine [email protected]
Marciniak Steve [email protected]
Marfat Eric [email protected]
Martinez Fortes Eliseo [email protected]
Martynova Malvina [email protected]
masroor syed [email protected]
Matthews Michael [email protected]
mattocci roberto [email protected]
Maurice Leenders [email protected]
McDonald Arthur [email protected]
mcfarlane john [email protected]
med stern [email protected]
Mercer Ian [email protected]
Messinger Robert [email protected]
Michel Joseph Marie Dings [email protected]
MILBURN ANDREW [email protected]
Mitten Nigel [email protected]
Möller-Petersen Magnus [email protected]
Montesa López Sergio [email protected]
Moravek George [email protected]
MORGAN TONY [email protected]
Morrow Mary [email protected]
moumene karim [email protected]
mr george druist [email protected]
Mr. Ron Joyn [email protected]
munoz jimenez antonio [email protected]
munoz mariscal blanca [email protected]
NAGANUMA KAZUNORI [email protected]
Nassif Jeff [email protected]
NGU DI HSIEN [email protected]
Nichols David [email protected]
Nidzamuddin Md. Yusof [email protected]
Nielsen Kristine [email protected]
Nielsen Lars [email protected]
Nosov Svetlana [email protected]
Nova Kristie [email protected]
ornelas victoriano [email protected]
Ortiz de Guzmán Armentia Inigo [email protected]
osterhout shannon [email protected]
Ostos Nancy [email protected]
Packard Julie [email protected]
Pape Dennis [email protected]
Pascal Amos Rest [email protected]
Payne Robin [email protected]
Pedersen Kristoffer [email protected]
Pembrey Adam [email protected]
Pfaff William [email protected]
piniella eduardo [email protected]
Plasmati Denise [email protected]
Pleskovsky Mark [email protected]
Pluto Pippo [email protected]
Pocock Rebecca [email protected]
Polito Joseph [email protected]
Pollen Tim [email protected]
polo marco [email protected]
portero cordero dolores [email protected]
Power Lucy [email protected]
Pownall Charles [email protected]
punwani kamal [email protected]
r r [email protected]
Ragula vitaut ragula [email protected]
Ramakrishnan Punitha [email protected]
RAMOS HOYOS OLGA [email protected]
Ravindran Ramya [email protected]
Reef Barbara Reef [email protected]
Rego Barros Raimundo Alvaro [email protected]
Reid Andrew [email protected]
Reis Marcos [email protected]
renzo granzotto [email protected]
Reyes Randy [email protected]
Ribeiro Farley [email protected]
rios jimena daniel antonio [email protected]
Robert Minge [email protected]
Robles James Steve [email protected]
romero holgado jesus [email protected]
Rudolph Natalie [email protected]
Ruiz Armillas Jose [email protected]
sanchez salcedo alvaro [email protected]
sanchez samitier juan antonio juan [email protected]
Santos Candida [email protected]
Schaefer Kristin [email protected]
Schneider Josh [email protected]
Schrom David [email protected]
Seery Padraig [email protected]
sekmen burak [email protected]
Sell Tyson [email protected]
SERFATY DAVID [email protected]
Shakir Taizoon [email protected]
Shipway Todd [email protected]
Simkins Joel [email protected]
Smith Jackie [email protected]
Smith Alexander [email protected]
Smith Thomas [email protected]
Smurthwaite John Davidson [email protected]
Soerensen Harald [email protected]
Soleimani Elana [email protected]
Sotomayor Cortes Javier [email protected]
Stefan Haerdi [email protected]
Stefan Horatiu [email protected]
Stefanie Olson [email protected]
steirn clive [email protected]
Steirn Marilyn [email protected]
stone charlotte [email protected]
Sue Gregory [email protected]
Tagliavini ersilia [email protected]
taillefer perez eugenio [email protected]
Takeshima Osami [email protected]
Tam Stephanie [email protected]
Tan Alan [email protected]
Tang Alice [email protected]
Tessier Christine [email protected]
Thomas Juergen [email protected]
Titford John [email protected]
Toniatti David [email protected]
Topp Peter [email protected]
trujillo manuel [email protected]
Turnbaugh Peter [email protected]
valverde antonio [email protected]
van der Griendt Hans [email protected]
Veness Alexandro [email protected]
Vinger Johanssen Audun [email protected]
vittrup christian [email protected]
vivar moreno francisco [email protected]
Vosloo Ockert [email protected]
Wang James [email protected]
Weigand David [email protected]
Williams James [email protected]
Williams Timothy [email protected]
wolfgang loth [email protected]
wong helen [email protected]
Wood Hugh [email protected]
Yelena Vinetsky [email protected]
Zamora Ellen [email protected]
Zegarra Juan Pablo [email protected]
zorzi daniela [email protected]
Zurita Cortés Francisco [email protected]

etc etc...."