Received anonymously by Action For Animals magazine:

"On July 13th, Australian ALF activists cut and removed a large section of electrified perimeter fencing around Puckapunyal Army Base in Victoria. This was the night before the commencement of a planned mass slaughter of
kangaroos on the base during July and August. Removing fencing allows the kangaroos to escape the guns into the adjoining state forest. The Defence Department plans to kill 15000 kangaroos trapped on the army base despite calls by wildlife groups to establish wildlife corridors. The fences around the base are deathtraps for the kangaroos who
often get caught up in the fences while attempting to flee. The ALF will continue to destroy fencing while the killing continues

- - - -

Earlier this year, in New South Wales, Australia, the ALF seized and oppurtunity to drive off with a truck load of pigs destined for death. The driver was imbibing inside a country hotel and had left the truck unattended. The ALF released all the pigs into a nearby forest, the truck was trashed and aabandoned at another location."