anonymous report:

"Last week ALF glued 7 shops in south czech republic, 10 shooting towers were destroyed, sabotaged 1 vehicle at a mink farm in south czech and 1 vehicle at a piggery in central czech republic.

- Glued 7 shops: In two cities locks were glued at shops like fur shops, shops for fishermen and shops selling meat.

- 10 shooting towers: In Vysocina near Morava 10 shooting towers were destroyed.

- 1 vehicle at mink farm: In south czech republic ALF entered a mink farm where a few thousand animals are imprisoned. ALF added to one vehicle's tank a big quantity of sand. The owner uses this vehicle for supplies of feedstuff. Repairing this vehicle will cost him lots of money.

- 1 vehicle at piggery: Big quantity of sugar was added into one tractor in central czech. In the piggery around 50,000-80,000 pigs are imprisoned.

ALF will continue these actions and promises to everyone who benefits from the suffering of animals a visit in the near future!"