This is a translation of a communique received anoymously by the Swedish ALF SG:

"Press release from Djurens Befrielsefront 23.07.2003

It was on the night to July 23rd that we went into a mink farm in Tunby, between Simrishamn and Tomelilla, Sweden.
We started the night by cutting the fence around the mink farm at several places so the minks easily would find out from hell at the farm and out to the forest where freedom was waiting for them.

After that we started to open cage after cage and soon there was curious minks all around our legs. We also took down lots of breeding cards to make it more difficult for the fur farmer.

After about 1 hour all the cages were empty and many minks had already found there way out from the farm. Some hade also already found their way to a nearby field where our guard was. For the first time ever these minks would see a sun rise in freedom and can look forward to a future not already decided by a greedy, old man.

This action was not only to give the minks their freedom, but also to protest against the whole fur industry that every year take the lives of 1,3 million minks in Sweden. Even if a ban is near in Sweden, we can not just relax and expect everything to sort out itself. We must think about the minks in the cages the same minute you read this. And we must give them their freedom and cause as much economical damage as possibe to the fur farmers. We must.

Until all animals are free the ALF is here to stay,

Djurens Befrielsefront (swedish ALF)"