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From No Compromise Magazine:

"Activist Jailed for Holding "Bull-Hook" at Circus Protest

On Wednesday, July 16, in LA Superior Court, Pamelyn Vlasak was taken into custody of the county jail for 30 days. She was convicted in 1999 for possessing a wooden stick (a bull hook) at a circus demonstration, violating an obscure city ordinance. Her appeals were exhausted last month in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Pam is hunger striking while being held in isolation at the LA County Jail, and is being denied visitors and phone calls. The temperature of the jail is so cold the deputies are wearing fleece jackets, but she has a wet mattress and no towel or blankets. This despicable, inhumane treatment is in retaliation for her resistance to the system, by refusing to eat the flesh of animals while imprisoned for her beliefs in humanity towards animals.

Please call the jail at (213) 473-6100 or (213) 473-6080, ask for the supervisor or watch commander, and inquire as to why Pamelyn Vlasak (#7768819) is being treated in such a terrible manner. Demand the release of this nonviolent protester!"


"Pamelyn was unceremoniously and secretly released from LA Conty Jail tonight about 6:30pm by the neo-fascist regime that imprisoned her for a week for utilizing her free speech to educate the public about the suffering of animals in the circus.

Although she is physically weak from hunger, she remains spiritually stronger than ever, and committed to the current fight to oust Jerry Greenwalt as general manager of the LA City Pounds. She is resting comfortably after a light meal of tofu and rice soup, and will be in touch with everyone very soon. Thank you so much to all the people whose activism made her early release a reality. Pamelyn and I are eternally grateful, and there is no doubt thatwithout the phone calls, emails and letters, she would still be in solitary confinement, locked in a tiny cell 23 hours per day."