Received anonymously by Australian activists:

"On Saturday the 12th of July 2003, activists rescued two chickens from the broiler farm in Opanuku Rd, Henderson Valley. Both rescued chickens were very sick and unable to walk. We purposely rescued sick ones as they would have starved to death within a couple of days, being unable to reach food and water.

One of the chickens had to be put down by a vet a week later when a large tumour in his/her hip suddenly burst leaving a large open wound. The other chicken is getting stronger every day and is starting to walk again.

While we would have liked to have taken more at the time, broiler chickens require a lot of time, care and rehabilitation.

The following Saturday, 19th of July, we gained entry to a battery hen farm in Runciman Rd, South Auckland and liberated 20 hens. 8 rows of 2 tiered cages held thousands of hens. Many had bleeding feet and some had to share their cages with dead companions.

All the rescued hens are now living their lives happy and free, enjoying the sun, the grass, and many of the earths other natural pleasures.

There are millions of chickens and other animals suffering from human exploitation in New Zealand. We must remember that in most cases we are these animals only hope of freedom. This will not be the last time we visit
these farms, and we encourage others to do so as well!