SHAC received the following anonymous report:

“Following information received by activists nationwide regarding a company involved in drug licensing with HLS, on Weds evening we visited the homes of two real low-lifes. Gillian Gregory who is a director of Gregory Associates and lives in Bluntisham, Cambs. And Sarah Fryer who is too and lives a few doors away from certain notorious Scum HLS workers in St Ives, who now sleep with with all their lights on and t.v blaring all night - like that matters!

Anyway on with the target for the night. Both of these vile monsters live in very nice houses with what were very nice cars. Within minutes they were sprayed with slogans and paintstripper poured over them. Cheap, silent but effective! Fryer also lives with a present Huntingdon worker and she an ex worker. It makes us sick that these monsters make their money from those beautiful innocent animals.

We Will Return! ALF.”