reported by activists in Italy:

"July 10th - Ugozzolo (Parma)

Newspapers report an ALF claimed action at 'Galeotta Nuova' pheasant farm in Ugozzolo, near the city of Parma. The fences closing the animals have been cut for more than 200 metres to let the animals fly away. It seems about 10.000 out of the 20.000 imprisoned by the farmer, Mr.Gino Ceci, have found their way out of the fences, even if sadly some of them went on the highway, too near the farm, and have been killed by cars.

The article mentions also 40 rabbits liberated from their cages, leaving all of them empty.

The farm reports damage estimated at 80.000 euros, including a gasoline tank completely emptied and spraypainted messages like 'Freedom for all' and 'you are going to close'. This is not the first action at the farm, including a couple liberations and an arson last winter, where a tractor and a hay shed were set on fire. The farmer says he cannot spend enough to secure the farm and is going to close it down. The 'Galeotta Nuova' pheasant farm is one of many in Italy used to breed animals to reintroduce them in the wild during hunting season."