reported on Indymedia NL (photo: De Gooi-en Eemlander):

"Afgelopen nacht (12 op 13 juli) heeft aktiegroep 'The Visitors' de huizen van Hans Duijst (Nieuw-Loosdrechtsedijk 47 in Loosdrecht), managing director van G4S West-Europa, en Erik Swelheim (Haringvlietstraat 37 in Amsterdam) voorzien van leuzen en verf. Zie onderstaande verklaring.

Slogans and paint at homes directors G4S and KLM

Last night (12 to 13 July) we, 'The Visitors' spray painted slogans and threw paint at the homes of Hans Duijst (Nieuw-Loosdrechtsedijk 47 in Loosdrecht), managing director of G4S West Europe, and Erik Swelheim (Haringvlietstraat 37 in Amsterdam), CFO of KLM.

We reject the role G4S plays in the detention and deportation of migrants in several countries. In The Netherlands this role is almost ended, because of cuts in government budgets. However, in other countries, including the UK and Australia, G4S still is responsible for running immigrant prisons and/or deportations. Just at the end of last May G4S guards in an Australian offshore detention centre in Papua New Guinea attacked imprisoned migrants, killing one of them.
We also despise G4S because of its part in the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and because of the providing of security services and equipment to Israeli prisons, checkpoints, the Apartheid Wall and the Israeli military and police.

We hold KLM responsible for its complicity in the deportations of migrants, which happen on a very regular basis. The company claims it just does what the government wants, but that's no excuse. KLM has been asked for years and years to end this, but refuses to show any signs of humane and ethical behaviour. We refuse to keep on just asking.
We also despise KLM because of its transportation of monkeys that have been torn apart from their natural habitats to vivisection laboratories and because of its contributions to pollution and climate change.

We'll keep on fighting for a world without borders and an end to the capitalist system that ruins the world and keeps billions of people in the grip of poverty, hunger, war, oppression and exploitation.

No borders, no nations! - Viva la anarchia!"