received anonymously:

"Last week, a mobile slaughter truck operated by Wards Custom Meat
Cutting (25906 NE 147th Ave, Battle Ground, WA) was sabotaged by having
a chemical abrasive introduced to its fuel system.

There is nothing humane about turning a living-breathing animal into a
lifeless commodity in order to satisfy frivolous human desires. The so
called 'humane meat movement' is not about about respecting the
'welfare' of non-human animals, but about masking and normalizing a
culture of violence and exploitation directed towards sentient
non-humans. This is an act of solidarity with the pigs and cows
that are slated to be killed by this company and with all the victims of
animal agriculture.

Until the last slaughterhouse truck is idled and the last butchers blade
is snapped. A.L.F. Freedom Summer 2014 has officially commenced."