anonymous communique:

"A visit to Leeds in the early hours of this morning led to customers of Haleys Hotel getting a taste of what is to come when supporting places that sell foie gras.

The cars of three vehicles, including a 4x4 had the tyres slashed, and an uncompromising message was sprayed over the back of another.

No matter what business you visit that sells foie gras, if you are a customer of that business then expect your (alleged) property to be shown contempt.

There is no place in the UK or anywhere for the support of this utterly abhorrent trade.

'Our' government supports the import of foie gras due to fear of breaching the sickening liberal trade laws they signed up to, government has been shown yet again to fail us and animals. Now is the time to move against this trade, to rid the UK of foie gras and bring it to an end.

Check out the undercover footage and take action!

Animal Liberation Front

Haleys Hotel and Restaurant
6-10 Shire Oak Road,
Leeds, LS6 2DE
Tel: 0113 278 4446
Fax: 0113 275 3342
[email protected]"