anonymous communique:

"Down in the depths of Lincolnshire on Barkston Heath, a late night visit brought the walls of an empty pheasant pen silently down. The padlock on the door to the pen was removed with the use of a crow bar, but by this time it was a mere technicality. The fencing was left strewn with gaping holes and then brought down around the perimeter. Water pipes were cut.

Onto the Partridge prisons, and the various 'houses' were investigated. Many of which had small Partridges under heat lamps. These 'houses' were in this instance left untouched, as there were many pens with larger birds living in the open air, cruelly kept in their meshed pens. These birds do not have room to fly, with the sky awaiting them outside, the doors were opened and seed scattered about. As the work was undertaken it was a joy to see birds leaving their captivity and flying away. (Hopefully a good distance from the shotgun crazed locals that frequent the place). Nearby buildings were investigated and two vehicles had superglue applied to locks.

Birds are born to fly, you take their freedom, we pay you a visit.