From the Swedish ALF-SG:

Fur shop under attack

Havgards Pals, one of the biggest fur shop in Malmo, Sweden, are under attack by the Swedish ALF, that seems
to have declared a war against them.

On July 1st, Granbergs Redovisningsbyra, an accounting firm for Havgards fur shop, was attacked. Activists
wrote "Drop Havgards fur shop" with glass etching fluid on the entrance doors to the firm and in a communicue
they urge the firm to drop Havgards as clients, one of Malmos largest fur shops.

Then on July 6th a visit was made at the the home of Lennart Granberg, the owner of the accounting firm that
has Havgards fur shop as a client. His house was painted with slogans such as "Drop Havgards fur shop" and the
windows of 2 cars was destroyed with glass etching fluid.

On 9th of July activists went to Christer Reynold, the owner of Havgards Pals (fur shop) on Regementsgatan in
Malmo. He lives in a luxory apartment next door to a police station! The activists climbed over 2 roofs to be
able to get to the inner yard and there they found a back door to the house where he lives. Slogans such
as "Close the fur shop you scum!" was sprayed on walls, doors and the stairs.

Earlier this year, the fur shop owner was arrested when he attacked anactivists that was giving out leaftlets
outside his shop. When the police arrived he made the mistake to attack them as well and was arrested.
Most likely, more actions will follow as the Swedish ALF has promised they wont give up until the fur shop gives