Reported in local media or received anonymously by the campaign to shut down Newchurch Guinea Pig Farm:

""Animal Rights activists were recently handed the credit card details of a vivisector who performs vile tests on the Newchurch guinea pigs. Well, this opportunity could not be missed and the theme on that particular day became SPEND SPEND SPEND - AND THOUSANDS WERE SPENT!

Just to compound a good idea, we decided to send plenty of these goods to non other than Sally Anne Hall! Loads of unnecessary crap was sent to her including an expensive bottle of champagne with this note attached - "Thought you might need this to relax - Have a Smashing Time! Lots of Love, Alf!"

"Yet again the Burton Mail comes up trumps reporting AR news in the local area. It appears that since Branston Golf Club was targetted animal rights activists have " hacked holes in the greens and daubed slogans in paint ... between Friday night and Saturday morning at Branston Golf and Country Club" last week. Apparently atleast 9 greens were severly damaged and spray painted because of John Halls' membership there."

""Last Wednesday night we were busy round Barton Under Needwood spraying slogans about the evil of Newchurch Farm and the evil of their employees. Simon Turner who lives in Barton delivers guinea pigs to the labs. Slogans like 'Simple Simon Animal Killer' - 'ALF Watching You' were used. Simon also had his shiny new company car paint-stripped leaving the bonnet, roof and back a blistering mess!

On Thursday night John Wright had his company car covered in paint and ALF slogans were daubed on both the car and the house.

While the guinea pigs are being slaughtered by these perverts we will be out there costing them as much money as we can - The Animal Avengers. "

"The Burton Mail continues to disseminate intriguing local news – this time the Mail reports that the following incidents have recently been reported:

* The home of the parents of Nick Sanders’ partner Jackie Dolman was smashed up

* Threatening letters sent to both Dolman, Sanders and her parents

* Marbles left on the Sanders’ steps

* Paint stripper poured over their car

* Fireworks set off near their home

* A smear campaign started accusing Nick Sanders of being a paedophile!"